24 June 2018

Twilight Zone: Stockings VII

y compression stockings don’t last that long as I go bare ‘stocking’ when I’m at home and the heels start to wear out first and holes appear, or my toe nails bore holes to get some glimpse of daylight. As I only had one pair intact it was time for new, so I ordered three pairs from an online medical supply company. Two pairs cost 72 Euros each and one pair 82 Euros.
The expensive ones had to be made to my specs as they are a so called ‘special selection’ colour and not ‘off the shelf’, in this case I picked silver grey. I also ordered some glue and new pair of donning gloves as they wear out too (I pictured a warn out pair in a previous stocking post).

Well they finally arrived this week and as I unpacked them I realised I had ordered a pair in coffee instead of caramel, the other pairs were as I intended. I looked at the coffee ones and thought they were a bit dark. Independent of the mail-order I ordered locally another pair that I can get on prescription twice a year and pay ‘only’ 25 Euros per pair. The colour was in my standard anthracite. I asked when I picked them up what would they normally cost over the counter without a prescription and was told 120 Euros! I mentioned what I had paid with my mail-order, she made excuses that the on-line shops margin would be better by buying in bulk. I said one pair was made to order, she was surprised at that and a little embarrassed I think, and I should think so with 50 Euros difference. I’m all for buying from small shops to keep them on the high street but here I could almost get two for the price of one!

Now I have four new pairs in four colours for the next year. If I have to wear them, why not be able to choose the colour for the day. A problem when they are new is they are difficult to get on. They are so shiny, they're not called ‘ultra sheer’ for nothing! For various reasons I always do a very close shave of my legs when donning new stockings. The silicon/rubber bands at the top then adhere to my shaven legs without having to use glue or wear my suspenders. I need help to keep them up later after the first few washes. Also the shininess will dull and putting them on easier. As the coffee was new, and I was interested how they looked, I went for them first. It was an act getting them on even with the new gloves which were almost useless, nobody does any proper beta testing these days!

When MrsA. saw them - I always wear short shorts around the house - she did a double take and I got that funny look. She has over time got used to seeing me in various colours, but the coffee was new.
When some of our regular friends visit I usually stay ‘exposed’ if I can put it that way. Sometimes depending on who is visiting I change into long trousers before they arrive but stay bare stocking. One has to ‘break’ some people in slowly, usually I start with my ‘standard’ anthracite colour with a short explanation if they don’t already know and then move on to the others colours later. There is hardly any ‘talk’ about them, usually they sympathize with me especially in hot weather like now, 35C is scheduled for next week which means staying cooped up in the house by the look of it.
Another disadvantage of having to wear them every day is I don’t get a tan on my legs, waist up no problem. So when I go to fitness training in shorts, without of course the stockings, one sees the stark difference between hairy brown arms and snow white shiny waxed like legs! No funny looks or remarks to date.

When buying new stockings I try to pick a colour that would match either a dress or heels in my stash. In the case of coffee I was stumped until I went thought my heel collection and remembered my Mary Jane’s.
So the next day as MrsA. was downstairs on the phone I went up into the roof where I have a mini stash of two pairs of heels, one in apricot (with matching summer dress, both which I have on now while writing this in the den) and my brown Mary Jane’s.
My main computer is in the den with four monitors, a leftover from work, which I now use as a cutting room for videos and publishing my blogs. When I get the chance I don a pair of heels and sit before the screens. Both these heels are wide fit and very comfortable as heels go.
When MrsA. is at home I have to make sure I don’t walk about too much otherwise the characteristic sound made by heels on laminated wooden flooring would echo throughout the house (luckily no heel marks up there).
In the cellar there is carpet and so its silent wobbling when I spend a few minutes before going to bed to put on my 5” nude heels, stand and flex my ankles for a moment letting them get use to the angle and then do a few rounds until I hear ‘bathrooms free!’ and then remove, pack them away and reluctantly go upstairs..

I seem to have lost the thread! Where was I?
[Ed: Yes you have lost lots of things lately! You were on your way up into the den to see how the Mary Jane’s look with the stockings!]
Yes that was it!
Keeping an ear to the chatter downstairs I unpacked the heels and put them on. As the sun was shining through the roof window I sat and took a few pictures.
Here is one of them.
Normally I only take pictures in the gloom of the cellar, it was nice this time to have proper lighting. The shine is enhanced in this light. I didn’t notice the shadow of the heel at the time of taking but I think it looks quite good..

Anything else I missed?
[Ed: Well no, not here. You still have notes to write up concerning stockings and garters would you believe, and another Nail post on stick-ons.]
Yes nails..
Which reminds me I have to shorten them.
Got that funny look again this morning at breakfast.


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    1. Why thank you Miss C! Maybe I’ll post a few more pictures, will see..

  2. I find it interesting that 'anthracite' is still used a colour description when most people under 40 probably have no idea what it refers to. (Is there a shade called 'nutty slack'?)
    And coffee as a colour will probably now have to be broken down into several dozen shades from double skinny soya frappachino through to short Americano.

    Take care

    1. Yes, the names for colours do change over time. If the colours of Legware started to follow the flavors in an ice cream parlor or in coffee houses then we will have fun leg-wear-wise!

  3. I used to get "that funny look" about the length of my nails - until I got the new computer. No, she didn't find other males with long nails...I had to keep them shorter because they interfered with typing when they were long.

    Can't have that, can we? LOL!



    1. Mandy! Sorry about the delay in replying! Normally I get an email informing me of any comments on posts, and as you can see I haven’t been posting that often lately. I got a email today from google asking if I would like to still get notified when comments appear! I thought I was! It looks like one has to confirm this now and then, hence overseeing your message. Sorry about that, always lovely to hear from you! Will have to put my nail post together soon, but now I need to go and trim them and remove the shiny nail cure I mentioned in an earlier post.
      Love Abi
      PS love that picture of you showing your French nails, envy! X