19 November 2014

Windows: My first time ...

y first recollections of trying on female attire goes back to the time I was still sleeping in my parent’s bedroom. I must have been 9 or 10 because after that I had my own room. 
In the mornings from my bed in the corner, when the chance arose, I would watch my mother indirectly and off hand as possible as she put on her nylons. I was fascinated in the way she treated them with care, making sure the seams were straight and ultimately the contortion act of fastening them to the back of her girdle. I would get a questionable look if I hadn’t turned completely away at this point. 
Oh, I just had to try them on! I won’t say it was a compulsive fixation, but dam nearly! 
One day when my mother was in the kitchen I sneaked into our bedroom, took from her draw a pair and scrambled under my bed in the corner. It was semi dark and I slid them up my legs, I could hardly see what I was doing and it’s a wonder I didn’t ruin them. The feeling was beyond all expectation, electrifying! 
At this moment, my mother called me and I automatically answered! She traced me to the bedroom and as she came and looked under the bed I tried to hide my legs up behind me! She asked what I was doing there with no mention of what I was trying to hide. I gave a feeble excuse of playing coalminers or something, she said ok and left. 
When it was quiet and my pulse had normalised I got out removed the nylons, blew off all the fluff and dust they had accumulated under the bed, rolled them up and placed them back where I had found them. 
No indication that I was “found out”.
I was now hooked!


  1. Funny story, Abigale. Thanks for sharing!

    Calie xx

  2. Thanks Calie,
    have a few more stories from my teens to tell.
    Watch this space!

  3. Dear Abi,
    in a way you told my own story.It was my first time when my father was at home, I didn't know how he would react. But he said nothing.
    My mother was tolerant and when I was younger she allowed me from time to time to try on some of her clothes, but at this age anymore.
    Please go on telling stories from your teens.



    1. Thank you Feli for your tale!
      Yes, I will post some more, unfortunately I have only a few. I had very little chance in my teens and now later in life the same. Look out for my next “Windows: ..” it’s almost finished will publish soon.
      Hugs to you to.

    2. Good news, Abi. I'll waiting for it.